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About Us

Micron Medical Multimedia (M3) is an instructional media of medical science which was designed by Yapindo Jaya Abadi.Ltd and had been proven to benefit various parties ranging for students, lecturers, doctors, and even laymen in the effort of understanding medical science.

M3 itself consist of an e-community which is a medical community forum that is active, creative, and enthusiastic in discovering in-depth medical science. Our program is based on e-learning (paperless) which is in the form of animations, digital atlas, videos, etc that is shown in systematic and attractive ways which could make it easier to understand compared to the conventional (paper) method.

Over the years, Yapindo Jaya Abadi.Ltd was very vigorous and enterprising in expanding, and promoting M3 throughout Indonesia with a membership system. The M3 e-community currently has more than 10,000 members from various circles that is spread throughout Indonesia and had successfully established cooperation with dozens of medical organizations and medical libraries in Indonesia. Currently, M3 is also being promoted in various parts of Malaysia and will be marketed internationally in the near future.


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